Iced coffee – It’s that time of the year again!!! ☀️☀️☀️


First, sorry it has been so quiet in here.. life with a toddler and being pregnant came in between and my now I have a gorgeous baby girl sleeping on my belly who already turned 4 weeks today 💕 So please have mercy with me!

Anyways, new baby means more time at home and less sleep so I had to share this yummy ice coffee recipe with you. Even though I hardly drink coffee anymore there’s something about iced coffee in summer 😍 If you ever wondered how to make a healthy yet easy and delicious version this is my favorite way to do it:

☕️ Freshly brewed espresso (I still use my old school IKEA espresso maker)

🥛 Your favorite dairy free milk (I use @oatly organic)

🍁 Maple syrup (we love fairtrade & raw from @coregreen.organic_fairtrade)

☀️Dash of organic vanilla essence or seeds of half a pod

🍫 sprinkle with raw cacao or cinnamon.

Blend everything with some ice cubes in your @vitamix / processor until nice and frothy and sprinkle in the end with topping of your choice & enjoy ❤️

Love & sunshine always – but especially to all you wonderful tired mamas who need this coffee the most 🤣

N xxx

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Easy peasy oatmeal cookies

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 16.04.24

Perfect for lazy cosy mornings in bed 💤 Oat cookies from left over porridge, pimped with a bit of mashed banana and some dark chocolate drops

These oatmeal cookies are so easy to make it’s almost insane. So if you are a porridge lover for breakfast like us, this is perfect for YOU. If not, easy peasy version from scratch also included below.

How to make them..

Make some extra or use left over porridge (find the recipe for my home made muesli mix here), add some mashed banana and raisins for binding and extra sweetness and bake until sides get golden. If you like you can also add some chocolate drops for some extra indulgent (I used dairy free organic ones, they were a bit bitter so next time I’ll skip them).

If you DON’T have any porridge leftover just mash 2 bananas and mix with 1 cup of porridge oats and some raisins (plus extras of your choice like cinnamon, chocolate, vanilla etc). These become more hearty, with more bite than the ones made with leftover porridge (cause they are moister) and I actually like them a bit better!

To make them use a table spoon to get even amounts of porridge on a baking tray lined with parchment paper/ a silicone mat, flatten them out a bit and put them in a preheated oven.

The baking time is quite depending on the consistency of your porridge and your oven. The simple version with dry porridge oats only took 15min on 185°C, the ones with leftover porridge (which also had apple pieces) took almost 40min as I had apple chunks in there as well so they were wetter and needed a bit longer. So it’s better to have a little look inside and tap on the cookie to check the consistency – at least for the first time 🙂

Have a cosy eve y’all! I think for me it’s time to make some leftover porridge cookies now 😉
Love, N xx


Exciting times!!



I’m thrilled to announce that from this month on I’ll be one of the regular contributors on Malta’s popular website for health conscious mums, Fit Malta Mums.

Check out their website to read my introductory article!

Lots of love & don’t forget to follow my Instagram or Facebook page for regular food inspiration & health tips.

Nadine xx

With ❤ from Italy 🇮🇹 My favorite holiday tips. 


Morning yoga at the lake 🙏🏻

Morning yoga at the lake 🙏🏻

Being on holiday can often be challenging when it comes to keeping up a healthy lifestyle. I remember in the past I often fell into that “Whatever, I’m in holiday!” trap and got unhappy halfway through cause I didn’t feel comfortable in my body anymore. Of course it’s tempting to have all kinds of sweet goodies in the breakfast cafe, luscious gelato and crisps which are served complementary at aperitivo time. And I’m not saying don’t have any of it! Come on, you are still on holiday!! But chose your goodies wisely.. and always remember: to crowd in some good stuff and reduce the “bad” stuff will always help to keep some balance. Here some of my favorite holiday tips:

Fresh & easy afternoon snack at the camping site at Lago di Garda 🇮🇹😋🌱

Fresh & easy afternoon snack at the camping site at Lago di Garda 🇮🇹😋🌱

💦 First and foremost, always keep lots of water nearby. Get some lemons and cucumber, some bottles of still and some sparkling water and keep yourself hydrated all day long with style. Always order water as well if you have alcoholic beverages. 
☕️Take your time. Especially with breakfast buffets it can be so easy and seducing to overeat. Start with choosing fresh stuff like fruit and veggies if available. If not, sneak in a cucumber and a nectarine for example. No one will care! Take a small plate instead of a large plate and arrange it nicely. If you really want more you can always go back! Again, add lots of fluids. Water, herbal teas, fresh OJ and if you feel like a cappuccino – go get one. But enjoy it consciously and as a treat and not as your only choice of beverage and have 3 instead. 

🍅 Eat out twice instead of 3 times a day. Who needs a lunch if you had a late and filling breakfast? Wait until you’re hungry again in the afternoon and then get yourself a healthy snack like on this pic. Some fresh tomatoes and cucumber, olives, a bit of local cheese, some fresh herbs with some wonderful EVOO and flower pepper. 

🌱For eating out at night always remember to add healthy bits and pieces to your meal. Wonderful fresh mixed salads, or sides of spinach or grilled vegetables with some fresh fish or a small plate of pasta. Fresh berries for desert make a wonderful end to a meal. Another nice alternative is always to share courses. I’m always really into starters and will never say no to a bite or two of desert. But we don’t really need to eat the full thing, so why not share them between you? 

🙏🏻 Lastly, try to add some movement into your (holi)day. Even if it’s nice to just be lazy and relax, just a bit of exercise makes you enjoy resting even more. Chose your favorite kind of movement. For me it’s yoga, for others it’s running or swimming. Rent yourself a bicycle instead of a car. All these things you can do anywhere and anytime. 

Hope one or the other tip was helpful for you and inspired you a bit! Your belly, your sleep and your overall feeling of wellbeing will be so much better, I promise. At least it works for me ☺️👌🏼❤🙏🏻
Lots of love from bella Italia & enjoy your summer and your holidays  🇮🇹

Nadine xx 

This is it! I’m now officially a certified Holistic Health Coach for Integrative Nutrition


It’s graduation time for me and my fellow students at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition! 
An amazing year comes to an end and I’ve gained so much more than just more knowledge about nutrition 🙂 Want to find out what a Holistic Health Coach really does and what my main learnings were during that year? Check out this vlog and please reach out to me if you have any questions!

I am just starting with vlogs so if you like it, give me a thumbs up or leave me some feedback and you’ll brighten up my day ☀️☀️☀️
Love, sunshine & healthy food 🌱

Nadine xx

P.S. If it got you inspired or you’d like to find out more about my Holistic Health Coaching services – shoot me a PM! Otherwise just enjoy the video and let me know how you like it. Again, your feedback means the world to me ❤

Hibiskus Flower Ice Tea


New vlog is out!! Whoowhoo!!

Wanna learn how to make a super simple & delicious ice tea instead of the shop bought version which are loaded with refined sugars??

This is a yummy and refreshing ice tea recipe which you can make with Hibiskus flower or Raspberry leave tea, shared with some practical and simple health tips for your own and your family’s health. This video also contains some helpful tips for pregnant ladies ☺️🙌🏼

You can also keep the Hibiskus flowers & jazz up the ice tea with some bubbles >>> Hibiskus Flower Mimosas- doesn’t that sound awesome??!!

Hope you enjoy it!
❤ N

P.S. If this video caught your interest and you’d like to learn more about what I do, check out the About Section on my blog and/ or follow me on Facebook or Instagram. Every like/ comment/ message / share makes my day a little brighter ❤

Vlogging is fun, so here comes video #2! Tropical Cashew & Peach Popsicles


Thank you all for your great Facebook comments and messages on my first vlog!!!
It meant so much to me and made me super enthusiastic to make a second one right away – here it comes!

It’s getting hot here in Malta and the rest of Europe so I thought why not make some yummy popsicles for my little sunshine and myself?!  Feel like a healthy alternative to the unhealthy ice creams out there? This is a simple and refreshing recipe for Tropical Cashew & Peach Popsicles, dairy free with raw cashew cream and only natural sweeteners like ripe peaches, dried mango, coconut and a hint of best quality maple syrup 

Easy to make – leftovers can be used as a yummy smoothie, liked by kids and adults alike  The recipe comes with some practical and simple health tips for your own and your family’s health.



This is only my second vlog so please let me know if you like it or if you have any feedback, tips or requests for me! If you like it, give me a thumbs up, share it and you’ll brighten up my day 

If you’re interested in our upcoming Mindful Birth Partners workshop in Malta on 24 June please check Mindful Birth Partner Workshop for further information.

Love, sunshine & healthy food 
Nadine xx

P.S. If it got you inspired or you’d like to find out more about my Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching services – shoot me a PM! Otherwise just enjoy the video and let me know how you like it again, your feedback means the world to me 


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