cooked with love.


here some of last week’s delicious things…

pic 1: puff pastry with feta cheese & rosemary
this idea comes from my dear friend conny. she did it without feta but fresh salmon on it. also superyummy! perfect as fingerfood for a little girls night with loads and loads of prosecco & wine 😉

pic 2: home made pizza a la stocko
what a pleasure to have a real italian friend as a guest! home made pizza with 3 different kind of cheeses (mozerella di buffola, pizza mozerella & scamorza), fresh tomatoes & onions on top so the can nicely roast…

pic 3: hello. i’m hugo
you think aperol sprizz is trendy? no way! north italy’s new aperitivo is called HUGO. so try it out and enjoy! what you need….

  • prosecco
  • fresh mint leaves
  • elderberry sirup
  • optional: sparkling mineral water (which i always skip, as you can guess)
  • some ice cubes
  • nice to have: add some fresh raspberries

pic 4: my fav olive oil
thanks to a great cooking lesson with pippa mattei we know use malta’s supermarkets best olive oil and can’t get enough of it. the also have it flavoured with pepperoncino and garlic – still have to try these out…

pic 5: just passion
how nice can a plain fruit taste? eventhough i’m not a big fruit fan, i like this sour-sweet bright yellow thing a lot. .. and it’s so pretty!

pic 6: gnocci with red wine mushroom sauce
i work at home. which means when i finish work around 3pm i’m starving. so it must be quick. this is one of the fastest dishes i ever prepared myself. and so easy…!
cook gnocci for about 3min. in the meantime roast a fresh onion, some garlic, some freshly chopped mushrooms, fry it a bit, add pepperoncino, rosemary, dried sicilian oregano (hmmm… so much better than the one from the supermarket), some salt and finally deglaze with some redwine. by the time i close down my laptop and get out a plate i have a nice sauce, mix it with the gnoccis and can now enjoy the rest of the day with this lovely quick dish.

pic 7: piementos al forno
my little memory from holidays in spain…. just wash the little peppers and dry them. spread them on foil and drizzle with olive oil, pepperoncino and sea salt. put them in the oven and let them roast until nice and brown.

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