heaven sends you whats good for you…


how does it come that where ever you go, doesn’t matter how long it takes…suddenly, out of the blue, when you expect it the less, you feel those moments where heaven sends you what’s good for you. some people may call it good energy, positive karma, maybe it’s only a chemical reason the some parts of you match to some parts of somebody else but however… it flows. and suddenly you bond.

i’m always very grateful and happy to experience those moments, especially on days like today when i actually thought i am grumpy and in a bad mood.

so my today’s recipe is not a real recipe. it’s just called ‘let’s be good to each other‘. because being and believing in the good makes heaven send you what’s good for you.. and like a recipe you can share it with other people. also here in malta it works. and that’s soooo great to know 🙂



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