some days are just good. especially with a plate of fresh & easy pasta.


do you know these days where everthing goes wrong? you get up and just feel bad and grumpy? well.. maybe we need those days to be able to experience the total opposite, too! a day which is just good.. without anyting particular being the reason.. everything normal, but you’re in a good mood, you smile, feel comfortable and enjoy being with yourself.

today i have such a day. i enjoyed waking up with my boyfriend. i enjoyed my morning coffee. i even enjoyed work. and i now enjoy my afternoon lazing around at should understand a woman’s feelings!

today i enjoyed this yummy treat on my little, sunny balcony:

pepperoncino pasta with pimped pesto sauce.
more and more shops offer fresh pasta. it’s not only cooked faster, it also tastes better! this time i tried out fresh pepperoncini tagliatelle and pimped my pesto with olivi (le nere toste – the dried are the tastiest ever!), sundried tomatoes and added some red whine. fresh grana and basil – simple as that 🙂

buon appetito!


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