you never know what it’s good for. some natural remedies against a nasty cold.


actually we should be in gozo now. some days off, in a nice yoga retreat, enjoy being together with my boyfriend and get some good energy..

instead we got both sick and had to cancel it. typical, many would say?! it happens very often to me that i get sick when holidays are about to start. but is it really that bad? staying at home, have a rest, do things you never have time (or you never take the time) to do them..? apart from the head ache and the sore throat it’s really nice to have some time… time for yourself..time to enjoy your home, time to flick through old photos and time to look outside the balcony and just have nothing on the programme… not that bad i would say 🙂

i guess sometimes the body gets itself what it needs. and you never know in the end what it’s good for. my get well soon tipps:

  • loads of vitamin c
    i’m not a big fruit person so i better have lots of lemon water and salads with fresh greens, peppers, carrots etc.
    important is: the more the better!
  • sea salt
    once dissolve it in water and gurgle against sore throat & also to inhale with hot water (at least 10min/day)
  • ginger tea
    add fresh ginger to your ginger lemon tea and add fresh honey (only when it’s not boiling hot anymore, otherwise the good parts of honey get destroyed). ginger gives your body heat (against the ‘cold’), you sweat out the bad stuff and it also boots your immune system as well as digestion.
  • echinacea or bee propolis
    you can believe in it or not. i do.
  • home made chicken soup
    better take a huge pot to be served for the next 3 days. buy a whole freeland chicken, put it on the oven with cold water. we add loads of carrots, celery, leek, onions, pepper, juniper berries, bay leaves – let it cook, the longer the better. only add salt at the very end. yummy! also when you’re not sick.
    watch out! don’t take away the fat on top, it’s the best of the soup and exactly the part which gives you energy & makes you fit.
  • and finally….
    loads and loads of resting & love ❤

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