My MALTA culinary delights so far…


malta has a lot to offer. great sea, loads of sunshine, nice people and also lovely food. after the first six months i put together some of my favourite places so far…

  • mint ,sliema
    what can i say? if anything comes close to my most favourite place aroma in munich it’s mint. it’s an easy nice place, super yummy home made food, different dishes every day, nice service staff… i like a lot!
  • zest, st. julians
    bit more expensive but it’s worth it. very stylish interior design, extremely nice service staff, guarantee for a good night out!
  • café juliani, st. julians
    same building like zest this café is part of the lobby of hotel juliani a lovely boutique hotel in spinola bay. huge cosy sofas, nice athmosphere and a divine lemon meringue…
  • zen, st. julians
    the interior could be much better, also quite pricy but the food it delicious. go for the teppanyaki.
  • hugo’s tapas, st. julians
    close to malta’s nightlife zone paceville this place not only looks cool, but unfortunately also IS cool temperature wise (they have a strong AC so take a scarf with you if you easily freeze like me)… but try the tappas there, they are really really nice!
  • la favorita, marsaskala
    our first recommendation from our landlord’s dad… a real insider tipp, down in the south, perfect for a huge reasonable seafood platter in an easy, unpretentious athmosphere
  • the haven, sliema
    a little secret from my dear friend elizabeth. very hidden, very basic but really nice simple food… and really inexpensive! somehow reminds my of my grandgrandma’s cooking..
  • lo spago, st. julians
    best fish soup ever! pricy, interior not really hitting the price level, but super delicous food cooked by the nice italian paulo.
  • vecchia napoli, sliema
    busy crowed place but the place for a genuine pizza
  • cuccagna, sliema
    very crispy and nice pizza, not that crowded but also very busy with locals
  • piadina café, valletta
    cute little café/bar in the beautiful oldtown of valetta.. run by my dear friend oana a great place for fresh smoothies, nice coffee and yummy piadiane (my fav is with grilled veggies & cheese… hmmmm…)
  • pippa mattei
    not a restaurant as such, but a great culinary experience was a midday cooking course with pippa and her lovely husband john.. can’t wait for another one and also to wanna try her handsome son’s cooking course too…
  • café cuba, sliema
    if you can’t get banoffee pie at mint, try out café cuba at tigne point. my beloved sis and me were looking for an alternative and found a nice cosy lounge in the uper floor as well as banoffee pie!
  • barracuda
    posh place, accordingly pricy but lovely fresh fish food.. also fresh oysters!

…….and there are still SO MANY THINGS on my list!!!!
if you have any recommendations, please let me know….


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