fine friday night dining.


hoohoo. i was a bad girl. my friend p was here from vienna and i didn’t post anything for quite too long…  but still i couldn’t forget totally about the blog and at least took some pics of last week’s culinary events. and there were some of them!!

fine friday night dining @ tartarun in marsaxlokk

you would’nt really expect it in the small fishing village of marsaxlokk. hard to notice from outside, tartarun‘s inside offers a very stylish, modern and cool interior. even from the menu outside i could feel that this is a place i’m going to like. and we were not dissapointed. extra ordinary nice service (in comparison to maltese average), good recommendations the evening at tartarun was a wonderful experience. we liked the starters better than the main,  but this happens very often to me – as you can get more special flavours in a starter. we had a langustine with a lovely white sauce (very light and tasty), swordfish carpaccio with a wonderful lemon, olive oile and caper marinade accompanied by a fresh and just not too fruity cabernet sauvignon from new zealand. but even before the bread and the two sorts of butter (one flavoured with garlic) as well as the amuse gueule, little zucchini boats, were very nice and different from ofther places here in malta (mostly not existing). we even got a little try dish of the fresh calamari as we could take a decision for the mains :-)) as mains we had pasta with lobster (bit too mild for my taste) and octopus (super soft and tender). as a dessert my friend had the panna cotta and was in heaven. also the coffee was nice. at the end (10pm – as we came quite early) the place got really packed with locals (good sign!!!), therefor service got very busy and less attentive.
to sum it up: for this ambiente, this nice service and the price this restaurant is extraordinarily good! the main was a bit borining, but in total it’s a really cool place in a very nice little village. definitely to come back again!

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