fresh from the tyrolean hut.


oh how i love tyrol in fall… everything is so colorful, the forests turn yellow, red and brown and when the weather is nice everything seems so clear in a special light you can only see in fall 🙂 luckily i caught one of these days on my trip to tyrol and made a little hike with my dear friend u., her two cute kids and my lovely mum. the nicest thing, which always attracts me most to hike is the food in the huts. my personal MUST: ‘kaaspressknödel’ (special kind of cheese dumplings) which can be either served with salad or in a beef soup… hhhmmmm… so nice!!!!

these delicious dumplings we enjoy int a lovely hut, called raitiser alm in beautiful tyrol, austria. you go up with the cable car and then it’s an easy, idyllic hike along nice paths along green fields where you might also meet some cows. i can really recommend it! also suitable for mums with prams 🙂



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