bad weather – nice dinner.


things never turn out the way you expect. 
yesterday we had big plans for a nice dinner with friends. bad weather – perfect conditions. the nice thing is that you have plenty of time for shopping as the supermarket which offers fresh fish as well, but as often in live things never turn out the way you expect. instead of figs and goat cheese, tuna in sesame crust, there was NO figs, NO goat cheese, NO tuna.

well.. ok! as open flexible people we changed our plans and made a nice ceasar salad with anchovies, capers and lots of fresh parmesan, fresh sea brass with crusty potatoes, fennel and tomatoes but at least the crumble with plums and mascarpone cream plan stayed as we wanted!

for more details check out the photo captions 🙂


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  1. I had a great dinner last week in London – it was in an Italian restaurant though 🙂 Anyway I thought I’ll tell you and maybe you want to give it a try: I had spinach ravioli stuffed with ricotta with an amaaaaaazing gravy somehow made of lemon juice, parmesan and fresh sage. Mhmmm…I loved the combination of the sour lemon and the taste of lots of fresh sage. It seems to be a quite simple meal to prepare…


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