it’s pumpkin time v2


pumpkin is a big veggie in austria. we have the famous pumpkin seed oil, pumpkin pesto, pumpkin bread.. i can’t get these fancy foods here in malta, but i do get pumpkin! so i wanted to make some soup… though it turned out totally different from the soups i made at home. in the past i always used hokkaido pumpkin, small in size but big in taste! and it’s handy to use as you don’t have to peel it.
here in malta i got huge pieces of big monster pumpkins from the veggie man: orange and white, which was a mistake to use for the soup! luckily i had more of the orange one and added nearly double of the amount at the end to make it more tasty. i didn’t like version 1 at all! but’s that’s what it’s all about in live, isn’t it.. you live you learn.. (reminds me of the song of alanis morisette which i loved when i was 13…)

read more details on each step of preparation in the mouse over text or when you click on the image!

well, this is finally how it turned out, pumpkin soup v2:

ingredients: fresh pumpkin, 1 onion, garlic, veggie stock, bit of milk/ cream cheese (also coconut milk or cream will do), fresh salt and pepper, chili, ginger powder, curcuma, lemon pepper, bit of lime, fresh parsley, sesame


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  1. omg, yum from start to finish. It looks packed with nutrients and flavor; how long is pumpkin season in Malta? And Alanis Morisette when you 13, what are you like 20 years old?


  2. yes, it was finally really nice – but the white pumpkin was crab (meaning just tasteless…). apparently pumpkin is available here all year long!! but i’d like to get different types.. not just the big one (monster pumpkin as i call it 😛 )
    and well… you live you learn was from the album jagged little pill… not it was 1996, so i was 16 😀 you got me!


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