the maltese sausage experiment.


tonight i did some experimental cooking with maltese sausage! it’s typically made of pork, sea salt, black peppercorns, coriander seeds and parsley and it’s veeeeeeeeeery tasty…

p loves them, so we bought more of them 2 weeks ago. we couldn’t eat them all so i put them in the freezer. tonight was the night when p suddenly remembered them! so what to do with them when not eating raw on fresh maltese bread??? (which is also a very yummy option to have them). i googled a bit and found an interesting recipe for maltese sausage pasta bake. so why not gonna try something new?! no risk no fun & it was worth it! it’s a super quick dish, very very tasty – you don’t even have to use any salt or pepper or spices – the maltese sausage has it all!

find more details on each step when you put your mouse over each image!


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