get some inspiration! do some cooking classes.


as you know, cooking is my passion. cooking myself, cooking for or with others, watching cooking on Tv, and cooking lessons! since i’m in malta i’ve just finished my second cooking class. the first i did with pippa mattei, which was a great one-day experience. the second, was a six week cooking class with annaliza delia which was great fun, too! it’s lovely to meet a couple of times and exchange experiences and ideas… everybody cooks so differently so what i liked most is getting inspiration from various perspectives. as pippa cooked typical maltese style, annaliza’s slogan is cooking made fun– fast and practical cooking very light and healthy food, often vegetarian.
also, for my as a foreigner here in malta it’s a great opportunity to get in touch with people and learn about the local habits (e.g. where to shop the best veggies etc.). and believe me, you also hear interesting stories about maltese life and people 🙂 i hope i’ll get the chance to visit more cooking classes – i actually can’t wait for the next one to come!

check out the mouse over text of each photo below to get find out more…


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