the wanna try to be good girl.


after a month of love, lust and gluttony i come back to my blog and try  – not promise 😉 – to get better.

as you may have noticed i didn’t post a lot of food in december. actually i didn’t post anything but in the very beginning of the xmas month. NOT because i haven’t been cooking, eating, drinking and enjoying the joys of life….. BUT they kept me busy!!
so busy that i haven’t written a single word here. and now, finally back from my christmas trip in austria, i freeze the whole day and promise to myself that i’ll really try to be a good girl this month.
NOT meaning that i’m going on a diet or fasting – god beware! but at least cook a bit lighter and eat a bit less at some days of the week. if possible 😉 (you can see i’m already looking for excuses before i haven’t actually started – ha!)

to make a first step in the right direction, here comes my – really light and healthy – but also TASTY soup. it’s not only making you feel warmer, but also very yummy.

the try to be good soup. light - but very tasty :-)

the try to be good soup. light – but very tasty.

all you need is:

  • some miso paste (i use the organic one to make it even more healthy)
  • some umeboshi paste (for the special hint)
  • water (depending on your taste of saltiness)
  • some veggies e.g. i found some sprouts and mini corn in my drawers and peas and broccoli in the freezer
  • to flavour: ginger, chili, lime, brown sugar, fish & soy sauce

boil the water and put it in the pot, add the pastes until liquid, then add the ginger and chili, add the veggies, season with fresh lime juice, brown sugar and the asian sauces. ready when veggies got a nice crunch! if you feel like a bit more, add some rice noodles or wan tans. ENJOY … and wish me good luck to be good 😀

p.s. will post all my december sins soon!! hmmm.. looking at them will be fun again!


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