Monthly Archives: February 2011

back to life. back to reality. thank god ;-)


wow. 28 of february and not a single post in the whole month. well.. i wasn’t lazy. i was in india. and believe it or not, instead of having the greatest culinary journeys (i looove indian food normally!), we were very very unlucky and got a so called delhi belly. which means: we felt like shit. could not eat and drink for over a week and that really was NOT the plan. however.. finally we recovered, and since a couple of days i’m back in good old europe and SO happy and grateful to be able to eat, drink and cook again 😀
GOD how i missed this!!!

p.s. i will post some of the indian dishes we had, but i still need some time to get over it 😉

click on the pics to find out details about the according dish!