Monthly Archives: March 2011

march. here & there & everywhere.. culinary pleasures in innsruck, vienna & malta


you know what i like about cooking and eating? it doesn’t matter where you are, you can do it EVERYWHERE!
this month i’ve been home for work and spent some time in lovely tyrol and wonderful vienna. and as you can guess – there was also some time for some culinary delights 😀

das schindler @ innsbruck
a really cool place which used to be one of innsbruck’s most famous coffee houses ages ago. it was closed for some years and just recently opened again when the new shopping center TYROL opened its doors last spring. they kept some of the old but more it’s a really modern place with a cool special design. the service is nice and attentive and the food is lovely. the menu explains where the different ingridients come from and everything is local. together with my beloved girls – just a perfect night out!

motto @ vienna
what can i say LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! great for birthdays, casual nights, drinks, lovely food – and so far the best beef tartar (the exception proves the rule 😉 ) a super hidden place but a must on nearly every trip to vienna.

chapter one @ st. julians, malta

local prawns with pea prawn cappuccinoback to malta my love took my out for a nice dinner – just the two of us 🙂 wanted to try out chapter one for a while so we were quite excited!
when we arrived we were suprised by the private athmosphere.. it’s cool and simple but has still a cosy feeling. service was super nice and helpful. the recommendations sounded lovely and we were not dissapointed by our local prawns with pea-prawn cappuccino, carpaccio, risotto with scallops (small but tasty!) and fresh red snapper. prices were really appropriate for the quality, even less than in other places of the same quality. definitely a place to come back!


spring food. even when the weather is cold ;-)


since i’m back from india i feel like constantly freezing here in malta. is there any difference to the temperatures in austria at the moment? outside? not really. inside? YES. as we are very spoiled with growing up with central heating.

however, even if the spring weather doesn’t want to come yet, there is at least some wonderful spring veggies in malta at the moment. lovely fresh artichokes & wild garlic. i also got some crisp cabbage and kohlrabi (which is violet here, btw – not white as we know it in austria).

have a look at some of my spring food experiments – even good to warm you up! details as always in the alt text or when you click on the pic!