In Xmas mood but craving light food!


Don’t you know this feeling at Christmas time?? First you enjoy all the eating and drinking, the sweets and glutony, but at some point you need a break and you end up desperately craving something healthy again. Not healthy meaning boring, but healthy as delicious and light which doesn’t make you feel like crashing through the ground into the next floor below you 😉

Feeling like this from today’s lovely, but heavy lunch I remembered my recent visit to CAFE JULIANI in Spinola bay, just shortly before I left Malta for my Xmas trip home to Austria.

Now, lying here on the sofa for the last couple of hours, looking out in the dark cold, I’m fantasizing about their yummy light food and thought that’s definitely a good reason to share my experiences with you which I made a few weeks ago…

Cafe Juliani is still quite a hidden place. Located very centrally as part of the pretty boutique hotel, Hotel Juliani, people who live there tend to pass it without noticing it. What a shame!!! It’s a little, cosy oasis of calm in there, even if you just want a quick coffee or a breakfast (also to recommend btw!). The have comfy sofas, free Wifi and the service staff is adorable friendly. But as I said I only found out myself recently that it’s also a great place for food!

Offering a lovely menu with really interesting and unusual dishes (for Malta) but also some classics, Cafe Juliani made a lot my culinary cravings come true:
Freshly squeezed veggie juices, nice nibbles (amazing Kalamata olives), healthy dishes with a twist (Gravalax on a Buckwheat Pancake) and also some experimental stuff (cottage cheese, honey & lemon zest bruschetta with chili jam) combined with super friendly staff, and one of my favorite classic desserts (lemon merengue). But come and check it out yourself if you live in Malta….

Guys, thumbs up! You will see me soon in the new year 🙂


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