Detox against an unbalanced acidity & candida! Let’s begin the fight :)


Candi – what? You might have heard of this troublesome yeast causing problems in your abdominal area, candida, a yeast which is actually in everybody’s body but can easily get out of balance through a wrong diet, too much stress, frequent use of antibiotics, the pill and many other reasons. Actually our modern life is full of potential causes for candida overgrow.
The range of symptoms for candida is huge and can include a bad immune system, headaches, problems with your digestion, your respiratory system, your skin, thrush, fatigue and many more. I won’t get too deep into that topic here,  if you want further information check out this really informative website which is gonna explain everything in great detail and gives you a lot of tips how to fight the problem and find again the right balance between acid and alkaline in your gut.

If you already know what I’m talking about – I welcome myself to the club 😉 From yesterday on I’m one of maybe 50% of the population who have this problem, and I have to fight it with a 1,5month detox. The good thing is that a detox is not only good to fight the nasty bugger yeast, it’s also great to do your body something good and give it a proper cleanse, no matter if you suffer from a candida overgrow, over acidity or just need a proper detox before the summer starts.

Hence, for the next 6 weeks my recipes will be a bit different from what your are used to read here. I have to skip a lot of stuff like all kind of sugars, even fruit, white flour (bread, pasta etc.), frying, alcohol and any processed food. For an ideal consultation do a proper research or consult a holistic doctor, like I did with Dr. Lydia Oukuhena at the lovely Angka Cafe Rejuvenation Centre in Marsa, Malta. They also offer a great range of vegetarian and vegan food, lot of interesting workshops and classes around the topic of health and wellbeing.

Honestly, I was really really upset after I heard the diagnose, especially about the fact of not drinking alcohol for 1,5 months! I know it sounds horrible, but I can’t even remember when I did this for the last time 😉 However, after some more research and some really supportive talks with friends and other open minded people I decided to give it a go. It can’t be THAT difficult, aye?!

Now I bought everything I need and I feel pretty well prepared and ready to go. No, it’s not gonna be easy. Yes, you’re gonna spend some money in the stuff you are not used to buy normally. Quite a long list of natural remedies and health supplements will be recommended from your doctor – so better think about it twice before you start and spend the money. But I’m sure it’s gonna be worth it and by now I’m quite excited to try out a lot new dishes and experiment with new ingredients in my kitchen. Give me a bit of time so I can sort out some nice recipes to share, so far I’ve been experimenting with green smoothies and new grains to go with my green veg- so far not with great success, but it will get better I’m sure.

For today I’m only gonna post one photo of a meal which I haven’t even cooked myself but it saved my day and cheered me up today, my detox day 2. It’s lovely seaweed salad with cabbage, rucola and cucumber – especially dressed with sea salt, lemon juice and olive oil (instead of soy sauce and balsamic vinegar) at the lovely GOCHI in St. Julians. Martin, YOU saved my day! Places like Gochi, Angka Cafe and soon Why not? @ Surfside will help me so I won’t have to stay at home for the next 6 weeks – yippeyyyyyyyyy!!!



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  1. Thanks Nadine for sharing:) I totally agree that detox is not only good to fight nasty stuff and that it’s also great to do your body something good and give it a proper cleanse! Looking forward to see the next recipes! Sharon


  2. Your link suggests that there are some amazing foods approved in the Candida diet: yoghurt, nuts, quinoa, artichoke, and avocado (to name just a small few). I’m sure what ever you whip up is going to be delish. Mmm, may I please request some recipes that include beet greens, dandelion greens, and kale?

    Look forward to supporting you on this journey!


  3. Thanks guys u r so sweet 🙂 I’m still in the experimenting phase but new stuff will be posted soon. Thank god most of the good foods are lovely veg which even grow here in Malta so it could be much much worse 😉x


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