Cooking class with Claire Borg in Victoria. A little charming piece of Gozo



I love cooking classes. They are inspiring, you learn new things, share your thoughts and experiences with other foodies and try new things outside of your own box. Claire’s cooking classes in the heart of Victoria are so much fun. It’s all mentioned above and so much more. It’s like a little piece of Gozo. It’s authentic, unpretentious and delicious. It’s casual still professional and foremost charming. For me coming to Gozo always means popping in at Mojo’s (her restaurant/cafe) in Victoria but from now on also attending on of here classes. That’s a promise.

Tonight’s class had a focus on beet root. We made a delicious soup of beet root with green apples, beet root relish, beet root pickles as well as a beet root Valhornona chocolate cake.

Thank you and keep up the great work, Claire!

More info on Claire’s classes, her cooking and her restaurant on her blog Claire Borg


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  1. Mojo’s hardly recommends itself. Our one visit earlier this year resulted in a refund when we complained politely about the cake on offer. The waiter (knowingly) did not attempt to question our observations. We only went in there because Mo’s next door was packed to capacity but Mojo’s was empty, That should have told us what to expect.
    So the owner gives cookery lessons………………………………….


    • first please apologise my late reply… you must have been really unlucky, roger. i’ve been there lots of times and brought friends from malta and abroad and everybody always enjoyed it. even more joyful are claire’s cooking classes if you like to cook yourself. i’m sorry for your bad experience, maybe you should give it a second chance 🙂


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