Raw zucchini spaghetti (zoodles) with raw cream cheese and tomatoes


Recently I posted some photos of my first batch of raw cheese on my blog’s Facebook page. Shortly after my first batch of raw zucchini pasta (also called zoodles) for which I used my new spiraliser. Quite a lot of people saw that and gave me their positive comments on it, most of them curious as I guess it’s still something pretty new to many of us. I’ll definitely play around with it more often in the future. But for now let me share how I made it, as first times often get the most of attention in life 😉

Btw the cherry on the top was that all fresh herbs I used in this recipe are from our new lovely and lush vertical garden on our balcony! *Happy me*

raw  cream cheese

Let’s get started with the raw cream cheese
The recipe below will give you a nice amount of cream cheese which will last you for several days. It can be used on sandwiches, wraps, as a  dip for vegetable sticks, on sliced tomatoes like a vegan caprese.. or as I did in the end as a sauce for the raw zucchini pasta.

What you need
2 cup of chashew nuts (soaked over night)
1 handful of fresh herbs (washed & dried); I used basil, parsley, mint, rosemary and a tiny bit of sage (careful with this one, it’s strong!)
Some lemon juice
A splash of water (not too much, you can always use more if needed)
Some of your best olive oil
Pinch of cayenne pepper (check this article out if you don’t know why this is such a superstar in your cupboard)
Nutritional yeast to you liking (give it a cheese flavour)

What to do
Now the best part starts. Put it all in your processor until it gets creamy and nice.  You might need to use a spatula in between to incorporate everything. Ready 🙂

raw zucchini pasta

Now the raw zucchini pasta
here it get’s even better:

What you need
Zucchini (washed)
A spiraliser (like this one)

What to do
Put the zucchini in the spiraliser and spiral away – easy as that!

I added some diced fresh tomatoes, drizzled with a bit of olive oil and served it with a bit of fresh basil on top.

Bon Rawppetite!

N xx


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