and pleasure to meet you 🙂

My name is Nadine and I’m so glad you found your way here!

I’m a Holistic Health Coach for Integrative Nutrition, a foodie, a mindful mum, yogi and life lover ❤

I love my food, even better when it’s organic, seasonal, local and from sustainable sources. I enjoy cooking at home (when my daughter is sleeping LOL), exploring new restaurants, cafés and bars, no matter if it’s for a nice, long breakfast, a lunch with the kiddies, a romantic dinner or tapas in the sunshine. On this blog it’s all about the things in life which nourish you, be it through healthy eating, yoga & meditation, nature, travelling or simply the beauty of life as such 🙂 Life for me is mainly here in Malta in the Meds, where we’ve been living for the last few years, originally I am from Austria.

But back to my food passion.. My mum is a great cook and the love for food has definitely been passed on me since I was a little child. When I grew up I remember our family holidays’ major topic always used to be “Where do we go for dinner???”. So no doubt, I was raised as a food lover. Home cooked and in restaurants. Simple but also sophisticated. And most importantly, prepared and enjoyed with love and appreciation. My mum’s dad used to be a gardener, so providing us with fresh and nutritious food was always very important to her. I was lucky not to be fed with processed junk and fast food and always had a very positive but yet very conscious view on eating and I’ll be forever grateful for that.

In 2015, I gave birth to a little baby daughter who brought even more sunshine into our lives as we could ever imagine. Now my childhood nickname sunshine (thus, nadisunshine as the name for my blog) is being passed onto our own little sunshine Zoe Belle ❤ And naturally, becoming and being a mum became one of the main topics on my blog. Helping other mums-to-be and new mums through my own experiences and studies became very close to my heart.

After working for almost 10 years for an international NGO for children in communications, I decided to deepen my knowledge and passion for healthy food and nutrition a few months after our daughter was born. I started studying to become a Holistic Health Coach for Integrative Nutrition with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York and it was an amazing journey. Finally I learned what I always felt deep in my heart: being healthy is not only about eating healthy, it’s so much more.

How happy are we in our lives? How fulfilled and satisfied are we with the big areas in our lives, like relationships, career, spirituality, physical activity etc? As Holistic Health Coaches we look  not only into your diet, but also into all these other important areas. Because only if they are all in balance, you’ll become truly healthy, inside and out ❤ Joshua Rosenthal, the found of Integrative Nutrition always says “Even if you eat all the kale in the world, if you are stuck in a negative relationship or job, it will never make you happy.” Yes, it takes more than just kale to make us thrive in life….

Got you curious?? If you feel like you, your family or a group of friends could do with some support on your eating habits and your journey of overall wellbeing in general, feel free to drop me a line! The first 50min Health History Consultation is free. I offer 3 and 6 months programmes, 1-1 consultations, private cooking classes and workshops on healthy eating, some of them specifically for mums-to-be under the name Mindful Mum. Please get in touch for further information.

You can also follow me on Facebook , Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Youtube and every follower, Like and Share makes my day a little brighter 🙂

Make the most out of every day..
Namaste & thank you for reading!

Nadine xx


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  1. Hallo Nadinechen,
    sehr nett, dein Blog! Schön, auf diese Weise was von dir mitzukriegen, aber noch besser finde ich, dass wir uns am 11.10. sehen!
    Küsschen und eine gute Zeit


  2. Nadine!!
    I must tell you that your website is great! wow!
    Just what I’d love to do myself!
    But one question?
    Where do all those calories end up?? with all those delicious dishes!!

    well done!
    would love to create something like that, maybe one day we can organize our own cooking coarse!!!



    • paula, you’re so sweet! thank you so much 🙂
      and it’s really fun doing!
      would be lovely to do a course together sometime…so long we can do loads of cooking and trying and inviting and looking and learning others 🙂

      see you soon for dinner at our place?
      hope you had a great time in rome 😀



  3. hei nadine!
    just wanted to leave few nice words behind, to congratulate to your gorgeous weblog, stunned by your perfectly neat organsation and inspired by your various really jummy-looking recipes.
    by the way, thanks a lot for your invitation to nikolo, i hope i can manage to come. wish you all the best,
    hopefully seeing you soon.


    • Hallo Torsten! Bitte entschuldige meine super späte Antwort und vielen Dank für das supernette Kompliment!!!! Freut mich sehr wenn so liebe Rückmeldungen kommen 🙂 Deine Seiten sind ja auch toll, hab grade reingeschaut. Freu mich jederzeit über Shares falls du mal was über Essen dort posten willst. Alles Liebe, Nadine


    • lieber peter! bitte entschuldige meine späte Antwort 🙂 danke für deinen support!! der blog geht hauptsächlich ums essen, kochen und genießen… oft in malta, aber auch anders wo ich mich grade rumtreibe 😉 liebe grüße, nadine


  4. From Malta, What a fun and cheerful site this is. Thankyou! Is the following complete: ‘
    and another strawberry creation 🙂
    spinach strawberry salad with goat cheese and truffle balsamic, lemon, mustard dressing.’ Is that it? (*-*)
    Or is there a more detailed recipe?


  5. Hi ,, I came to your blog via Google. I was looking for a Maltese Pasta dish ,, and then saw yours 🙂 Just wondering which country you live in, I live near Oxford , England.


    • hi anne 🙂 sorry my late reply! i was quite busy lately… i am austrian but live most of the time in malta! hope you like the blog and it gives you some inspiration for healthy cooking 🙂 all the best!


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