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1st Vlog! Green Superfood Smoothie with Kale & Pear


Super excited to show you my first Vlog ever!!! 😆🤗😛

I’ve been thinking about it countless time and never done one but this weekend, without any preparation, I just thought I give it a shot and this is the result.. so please have mercy with me hehe..

Hope you like it!!! It was actually really fun making it 😍
Look forward to hearing your feedback!!

N xxx

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Flu fighter tumeric drink


Yep. We know it all, that time of the year when the seasons change.. When the sun is out, it still gets really warm, your wear too many clothes, start sweating, the sun goes down it gets cold and as you’re sweaty you get cold. Or, scenario 2: it’s a warm sunny day and you get totally excited and wear too little. Sun goes down, you’re really getting cold and keep freezing your, excuse my French, bum off. At the bottom line both situation have the same effect: welcome to the season where each and everyone around you and at some stage even the healthy YOU gets sick!!!

What I normally do is try to catch the cold as soon as I feel the tiniest scratch in my throat (my weak point). Next to the usual suspects like my bee propolis drops (nature’s antibiotic), lots of teas (sage for sore throat, thyme for cough and ginger as it always boosts the immune system) and some extra loads of sleep and vitamins I really want to recommend you guys my secret weapon which already saved me a couple of times: the Flu fighter tumeric drink

The super ingredient in this drink is tumeric, also known as curcuma. The health benefits of tumeric are countless (click here for the top 10), but next to many others it’s super inflammatory and antibacterial and this is exactly what we want, oh yes! So save the heavy stuff from the pharmacy for emergencies and give this drink a try!

Nadisunshine's flu fighter tumeric drink

Nadisunshine’s flu fighter tumeric drink

What you need..
(for 1 mug)

  • 1 teaspoon of tumeric
  • 1 teaspoon of raw honey
  • half thumb size piece of fresh ginger
  • 1/2 a lemon, squeezed
  • hot water
  • tiny pinch of cayenne pepper (optional) (if used careful you don’t take too much)

What to do…

First boil the water. Let it stand for a bit so it’s not boiling hot anymore (the raw honey wouldn’t like that). Prepare your favorite mug with the tumeric, honey, ginger slices, lemon juice and the tiniest pinch of cayenne if you decided to go for it. Now add only a bit of the hot water and stir properly. If you stir it later it will be more difficult to mix the tumeric powder easily. When it’s all well blended top up with the remaining hot water, give it another stir and drink in small sips as long as it’s warm. If you like it sweeter add a bit more honey and enjoy!

Hope it helps you to get better and stronger ❤
Stay fit & healthy,

N xx

Yummy yummy yummy I’ve got love in my tummy! Beet, carrot & ginger


Ok, good intentions are here to stay, so I’ll take my feedback seriously and try to post as much as I can. Today was a good day. Cause I stayed on track and it started really well. How? Easy! Start your day with an alkalizing, detoxifying juice!

This juice only needs some basic ingredients. Beets, carrots and ginger are peeled quickly, grab some of your greens in the fridge and off you go. Hint: I always wash all my greens and herbs immediately after I bought them and store them in airtight containers. That keeps them fresh longer and it’s super convenient just to take what you want out of your box ready to use it.

Btw: beets, carrots and ginger are all alkalizing, cleansing and encourage detoxing. Ginger is also used often to improve circulation (Hello fellow office workers!), antispasmodic (Don’t we need it all sometimes?) and anti-nauses which is great if you  are sensitive and go on a trip on a sailing boat (get yourself a flask of home-made ginger tea next time).


What you need…
(2 large glasses or 3 small ones)
Some beets (depending on size, I took 3), carrots (I took 2), half a thumb sized piece of ginger root, 2 handfulls of fresh coriander and mint (each) and NEVER forget a tiny splash of oil to get the vitamins and minerals out of the veg (I always take a bit of flax seed oil which is naturally rich in omega 3)

Optional: add your super foods of choice! I took maca powder & baobab powder (contains tons of antioxidants, including vitamin C)

What to do…
Juice the beets and carrots in your juicer. I’m quite okay with my cheap one but in the long run I’m sure it would be better to invest in a good one as you get more juice and less pulp. Then I add the juice to the greens, bit of oil and the super foods in my blender, add some water and mix it thoroughly.

By the way, I’m still looking for a nice way how to re-use the pulp, – ideas anyone???

Maca cinnamon vanilla coffee with almond milk


Don’t you also love your coffee crazily? It somehow reminds me of the old days when I still used to smoke.. it’s more like a kind of ritual, when you need a break, when you’ve accomplished something or treat yourself with something special- that’s my coffee to me… But coffee has a bad reputation sometimes, and I’d like to share with you that’s it not really like that if you consider some little changes.

When I did my detox a couple of months ago I was not only surprised, but more than delighted to learn that I don’t have to skip my coffee at all, rather than just use good quality beans (ideally organic, never instant, but that’s a NO NO for me anyways…), skip the sugar and use other kinds of milk instead of cowmilk. I tried everything from coconut milk, to hazelnut and almond milk (be sure you get a good one, not just one which claims to be and only contains almond aroma a lot of sugar) and chose the latter as my favourite due to yummy flavour and it’s frothing lovely.

As soon as I started to look out of my “usual kind of coffee box” I also started experimenting with adding healthy and delicious flavours to it like maca powder (which is a natural superfood with great health benefits), cinnamon (also a spice with lots of potential health benefits) and pure vanilla.

This version is one of my favourite.. it’s cold, mixed in my smoothie maker and a delicious, yet healthy treat!

Maka cinnamon vanilla coffee

What you need…
(serves 2)

  • cooled 200ml of espresso (I love to make mine in my oldfashioned Italian espresso maker machine)
  • 200ml of organic almond milk (see recommendations above)
  • 1 teaspoon of maca powder, cinnamon and vanilla essence (pure) each
  • some ice cubes

What to do…

Put coffee, almond milk and some ice cubes in your blender. Mix for 30sec on max until the icecubes are disappeared. Add the maca powder and vanilla essence and mix a bit more until it’s nice and frothy. Put in glasses and sprinkle with cinnamon.

Enjoy on a Sunday morning, a late afternoon after work or whenever you need it!