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Quick’n’easy summer lemonade.


Are you boiling too?? That’s what I love to have on those hot days.. Just squeeze 1-2 lemons in a jug, add water, ice cubes and some agave syrup to sweeten to taste. Add fresh mint or slices of lemon if you can get organic ones. Hmmm….

summer lemonade

All you need:

  • 1 nice water jug (makes you drink more all day 😉
  • 1-2 nice lemons (preferably organic)
  • some agave syrup (to taste)
  • fresh mint sprigs
  • slices of lemon (if organic only)
  • ice cubes

Welcome back with a cool & refreshing melon soup!


Summer is full on here in Malta and it hits me with guilt that I haven’t been writing for 1,5 month. Sorry for that! I’m sure you know these times when things are going crazy with work and private stuff and without knowing time is just flying like a jumbo jet and suddenly 6 weeks have passed. Well, this is what happened to me.

Also, I have to confess, the recent heat here in Malta makes my culinary desire a bit weaker. It’s just too hot to stay at home and experiment in the kitchen and find the pleasure in reading recipes, coming up with new ideas or sitting in front of the laptop for some blogging. All you want to do is finish work and jump in the water.

HOWEVER, it’s time and finally there’s a new dish I just tried out two days ago which I would like to share with you! It’s a cold melon soup, based on a recipe which I found on yummly.com and changed a bit to my own taste. It’s a super quick, very refreshing and unusual taste.

cold melon soup with ginger & lemon pepper

All you need:

  • 1 honeydew melon (I’m sure also sugar melon is fine)
  • coconut milk (not the thick one from the cans but the one which comes in a milk carton)
  • 1 lemon
  • bit of ginger (depending on taste)
  • salt
  • lemon pepper

What to do:

Peel and chop melon, get rid of all seeds, squeeze juice of a lemon, finely chop the peeled ginger and throw everything in a food processor. (If you have different attachments use the one which you normally take for making smoothies. ) Add salt depending on taste, some lemon pepper , whizz and taste how you like it. When ready put it in nice glasses and serve it as a light and cooling dinner with some oat crackers or as a starter of a light menu.

What’s your favorite cold soup? Let’s share for inspiration!

tabuleh salad with roasted veg, walnuts, tahini lemon dressing & falafel.


Do you also love arabic food? I love the flavors of the Turkish and Lebanese kitchen and find it very inspiring to taste different things and try to introduce them to my own kitchen, too. Recently I started this new habit of giving myself a treat after my lovely yoga class on Mondays. The treat is called fresh falafel and I found a place which makes them super fresh, just in front of you. While you pick your salad from the counter (my favorite mix is couscous, aubergines, parsley tabuleh and humus with it) the falafel which mainly consist of chickpeas and different spices get fried in a pan. Five minutes later you have a warm, lovely smelling box in your hand and I can hardly wait to get home.

Yesterday was another Monday so I decided to buy 3 more falafels to get a nice and quick lunch after today’s work. I knew that I still have tons of fresh herbs from the farmer’s market and wanted to try out an arabic salad version with my own stuff. The experiment came out lovely! Super tasty, healthy and boasting of amazing flavors…

Tabuleh like salad with fresh mint, parsley and rucola, topped with roasted red pepper, aubergine, fennel, walnuts and falafel, served with a lemon tahini dressing.

tabuleh salad with roasted veg, walnuts, thahini lemon dressing & falafel.

Ingredients: bunch of greens like mint, rucola and parsley, 1 red pepper, small fennel bulb, some walnuts (crashed), 1 garlic (if you like) & some fresh herbs for the roasted veg (I took fresh marjoram and rosemary), juice of 1 lemon, high quality olive oil, seasalt, pepper, 1 spoon of tahini and 3 pieces of falafel from your favorite Lebanese place.

Method: For the roasted veg cut the pepper and fennel in bite-sized pieces and roast them for like 10min with some fresh garlic, herbs and season with salt and pepper. Add the crashed walnuts only for the last couple of minutes so they don’t burn. Put aside to cool off. For the salad chop the washed and dried greens (mint, parsley, rucola) and make a dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, a spoon of tahini (add a splash of water), salt and pepper. Top with roasted veg and falafel.