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Fizzy cranberry blush. The perfect party drink for a happy New Year ;-)


People can say what they want but I still think New Years Eve is a special night… You wanna spend it with people you love, in a location which is special to you and you wanna have fun!! This year it’s the first time we decided to celebrate in Malta so we wanted to party in our lovely flat with our loveliest friends. Luckily everybody brought drinks and nibbles so it wasn’t a hell of a lot of work to prepare. But still I wanted to do something special, something to boost the mood and to kick off into a good party night! After some research on the web a found a recipe on BBCfoods which sounded quite nice.. easy to make, fruity but strong, I had some ideas how to change it a bit to my preferences and a new star was born 🙂

Fizzy cranberry blush (serves 10, for 2-3 glasses per person 😉
300ml Vodka
300ml Cointreau
900ml Cranberry juice
600ml Orange juice
1 bottle of Prosecco
1 Pomegranate

Mix the vodka, cointreau, cranberry and orange juice in a big bowl. Ingredients should be pre-cooled. Add the berries of the pomegranate, stir it and fill it in 2 jugs. Keep the jugs in the fridge until guests arrive. Offer it pure with ice cubes or fizzy (which we all preferred!) in a champagne flute. For the fizzy version take half of the jug and top up the glass with prosecco. Hmmmmm… party mood guaranteed, I promise!!!!
(Tip: buy the double of this if it happens to you too that people like it so much that we made a second batch later on ;-)))

Wishing you a great new year, many fun parties, lovely drinks & food, love & joy, health & everything else you wish for! Keep on reading my blog and recommend it to your friends.. thank youuuu! Love, N. xx