Blackbean salad variation: Wholemeal wrap with goat cheese


As some of you may know I love to reuse left overs and create something new out of them. I had a small portion of yesterday’s blackbean salad and bought some wholemeal wraps yesterday night. So instead of eating the same salad a second time I thought why not put it in a wrap?

As usual I wanted to keep it quick and easy (always starving after work – hehe!!) so I just heated up the wrap in a griddle pan for a couple of seconds, chopped up some green salad and was delighted to find some goat cheese in my fridge which is not only healthier than cow milk but also gives it a particular flavour which I love! I used 2 tablespoons of creamy Thyme & Rosemary Chavroux as a base and 2 slices of hard goat cheese which I just broke into small pieces and mixed it in the salad.

Look what came out of it in less than 5min (and honestly I liked it even better than the salad yesterday… lol)

BTW! If you’re not into black beans, like my dear friend E who liked my salad on my Facebook page but wrote me she just can’t get into black beans, – why don’t you just substitute them with white beans, chickpeas or lentils? All of those lovely grains go perfectly fine with this combination – just be creative and exchange what you dont like! And within seconds another new, delicious meal is recreated 😀

blackbean wrap with goat cheese


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