Waterbiscuit @Intercontinental, Malta



Oh my! How I’ve missed my poached egg for the last years. Being a foodie and lover of cooking I still haven’t managed to make them as nicely as my mum makes them. It’s one of my favorite childhood memories when she served my poached egg with spinach and tomatoes on toast to bed for my bday, the whole family sleepy and singing happy bday for me in the dark Austrian winter morning. Ahhh good sweet memories!

Anyways, I still love poached eggs but as I said never successfully made them in my own kitchen. Now there’s no more reason to moan about it. Finally a great bfast spot opened up its doors in Malta, straight at the Intercontinental hotel in Paceville.

First to say, their menu is pure joy to read. You can choose from a vast choice of eggs, especially versions of eggs Benedict (poached) which are their signature dish. Besides, there’s different sweet and savory dishes and a lovely choice of juices and smoothies. The staff is very professional and friendly – another big plus in Malta as its not always the case 😉 The design is simple and cool and the pricing is totally okay. Definitely not the last time we’ve been there!

The only little downside was their spinach cucumber celery juice which got me really excited when I spotted it in the menu. They use lots of ice with it,more like a smoothie – not really a juice from my point of view. There seems to be a different understanding of the management about it (had a nice discussion with the bartender who tried to explain and really tried hard :). Anyways, you’re better off with the beet root mint juice which is a real juice and absolutely lovely!

Many happy bfasts, lovely people!


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