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Bananarama – orgasmic raw ice cream.


I’m deeply in love with ice cream. Me – never being a huge ice cream fan, but this raw banana ice cream is just ooooor-gaaa-smiiiic! The texture is fluffy, airy, it’s super creamy and sweet – somehow like a light mascarpone cream in a tiramisu (including tons of fat and sugar and maybe even egg white). But why bother doing a tiramisu or any other time consuming desert when you can have this amazing banana ice cream in 5min?! I promise, it is healthy but tastes absolutely sinful and yummy.

so easy, so yummy!

so easy, so yummy!

What you need…
(2 small or 1 big portion)

That’s actually funny as it’s only 1 ingredient: banana


Cacao powder, cinnamon, cacao nibs
You can even do variations with other fruit like strawberry, nuts or nut butter etc etc. Start playing and get creative!

What to do:

Chop up a banana in slices whenever you have ripe bananas to be used. Freeze the slices and keep them for whenever you feel like ice cream. When you wanna do the ice cream, prepare you processor, chop another fresh banana in slices add the frozen banana and mix for 1-2min until all the chunks have disappeared. You will see as soon as you open the processor how amazingly smooth and creamy the result came out. Now share it in nice glasses and sprinkle with cacao, cinnamon and cacao nibs.
An alternative for the additional fresh banana is adding some coconut milk (or other nut free milk of your choice.

For the chocolate version (in the meantime my absolute favorite!!!)

Add 2 tablespoons of raw cacao powder to the banana slices and sprinkle with cacao nibs when served. Diviiiiiiine and can be an emergency helper when feeling down or you need a cheer up after a bad day 😉

the perfect comfort on a bad day ;)

the perfect comfort on a bad day 😉

Enjoy immediately after and many many more times to come!


P.S. Once again what my friend Michelle says is true…. EASY IS RIGHT ❤


Taxbiex Waterpolo Club: Treats with a view


My favorite orders lately: a collection of side dishes. Like this home made parmeggiana with baby spinach and mange tout with lemon. Yummy, healthy and great if you don’t wanna spend a fortune every time you go out 🙂

This meal I enjoyed at the Taxbiex Waterpolo Club which I can highly recommend. Amazing views on the sea and Valletta, very friendly and professional service staff and: the best parmeggiana on the island! A must when you live in Malta or you’re here on a visit.