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Hibiskus Flower Ice Tea


New vlog is out!! Whoowhoo!!

Wanna learn how to make a super simple & delicious ice tea instead of the shop bought version which are loaded with refined sugars??

This is a yummy and refreshing ice tea recipe which you can make with Hibiskus flower or Raspberry leave tea, shared with some practical and simple health tips for your own and your family’s health. This video also contains some helpful tips for pregnant ladies ☺️🙌🏼

You can also keep the Hibiskus flowers & jazz up the ice tea with some bubbles >>> Hibiskus Flower Mimosas- doesn’t that sound awesome??!!

Hope you enjoy it!
❤ N

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Vlogging is fun, so here comes video #2! Tropical Cashew & Peach Popsicles


Thank you all for your great Facebook comments and messages on my first vlog!!!
It meant so much to me and made me super enthusiastic to make a second one right away – here it comes!

It’s getting hot here in Malta and the rest of Europe so I thought why not make some yummy popsicles for my little sunshine and myself?!  Feel like a healthy alternative to the unhealthy ice creams out there? This is a simple and refreshing recipe for Tropical Cashew & Peach Popsicles, dairy free with raw cashew cream and only natural sweeteners like ripe peaches, dried mango, coconut and a hint of best quality maple syrup 

Easy to make – leftovers can be used as a yummy smoothie, liked by kids and adults alike  The recipe comes with some practical and simple health tips for your own and your family’s health.



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Love, sunshine & healthy food 
Nadine xx

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1st Vlog! Green Superfood Smoothie with Kale & Pear


Super excited to show you my first Vlog ever!!! 😆🤗😛

I’ve been thinking about it countless time and never done one but this weekend, without any preparation, I just thought I give it a shot and this is the result.. so please have mercy with me hehe..

Hope you like it!!! It was actually really fun making it 😍
Look forward to hearing your feedback!!

N xxx

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