Energy buzzer – Banana cinnamon nut milk with chia seeds & vanilla


Awwww don’t we all know that huuuuuuge low, coming up at the end of your working day?! Well, instead of just slouching on the sofa and getting stuck there for the rest of the night, how about a super yummy, and mind you – also healthy! – energy buzzer which came up my mind this afternoon.

What you need & what to do…

As usual – easy is right for me. And I promise you – it didn’t take me more than 5min to reach an immediate state of pure bliss. The cherry on the cake: it contains no sugar or sweetener, no dairy, only simple and good things for you like banana (a natural powerhouse of essential nutrients like potassium, magnesium, dietary fibre and B vitamins), almond milk (alkalizing and containing lots of calcium, magnesium, zinc, folic acid and vitamins C & E), 2 of my dear super foods chia seeds and maca powder, organic vanilla,  and cinnamon which is has so many benefits that you should read them here. Just throw everything in your blender and – oh yay! – ready we are…..



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