Maca cinnamon vanilla coffee with almond milk


Don’t you also love your coffee crazily? It somehow reminds me of the old days when I still used to smoke.. it’s more like a kind of ritual, when you need a break, when you’ve accomplished something or treat yourself with something special- that’s my coffee to me… But coffee has a bad reputation sometimes, and I’d like to share with you that’s it not really like that if you consider some little changes.

When I did my detox a couple of months ago I was not only surprised, but more than delighted to learn that I don’t have to skip my coffee at all, rather than just use good quality beans (ideally organic, never instant, but that’s a NO NO for me anyways…), skip the sugar and use other kinds of milk instead of cowmilk. I tried everything from coconut milk, to hazelnut and almond milk (be sure you get a good one, not just one which claims to be and only contains almond aroma a lot of sugar) and chose the latter as my favourite due to yummy flavour and it’s frothing lovely.

As soon as I started to look out of my “usual kind of coffee box” I also started experimenting with adding healthy and delicious flavours to it like maca powder (which is a natural superfood with great health benefits), cinnamon (also a spice with lots of potential health benefits) and pure vanilla.

This version is one of my favourite.. it’s cold, mixed in my smoothie maker and a delicious, yet healthy treat!

Maka cinnamon vanilla coffee

What you need…
(serves 2)

  • cooled 200ml of espresso (I love to make mine in my oldfashioned Italian espresso maker machine)
  • 200ml of organic almond milk (see recommendations above)
  • 1 teaspoon of maca powder, cinnamon and vanilla essence (pure) each
  • some ice cubes

What to do…

Put coffee, almond milk and some ice cubes in your blender. Mix for 30sec on max until the icecubes are disappeared. Add the maca powder and vanilla essence and mix a bit more until it’s nice and frothy. Put in glasses and sprinkle with cinnamon.

Enjoy on a Sunday morning, a late afternoon after work or whenever you need it!


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