hot’n’sweet’n’hot again


they say a perfect meal should always combine all components of flavor… bit sweet, bit sour, bit hot, bit salty.. yesterday seemed to be the day where we combined all off it – twice in one day!

late summer salad with honey mustard dressing, feta & pumpkin seedsas a light lunch we had a lovely salad with my new favorite dressing: honey & mustard dressing. as my friend p said it’s supposed to be made with dijon mustard which ran out, so we took whole grain mustard instead. actually i like it even more with the nice little grains… hmm…. mix it with some honey, olive oil, aceto balsamico, some fresh lemon, sea salt and pepper and you’re ready. what makes it even more special is some balsamico glace at the very end which gives a lovely sweet note which came perfect with the salty feta cheese and pumpkin seeds….

minestrone - still cookingafter a very cosy and chilled out afternoon, a wonderful lemon meringue at café juliani and some wonderful relaxing yoga at my most favorite yoga studio in malta ( we wanted a quick, healthy and light dinner… as it’s rainy and stormy, soup season starts again! so we made a quick’n’easy minestrone with lots of fresh veggies….
fry some onions and garlic in olive oil, add the veggies such as carrots, courgettes (the maltese ones are round btw!), peppers, some celery, tomatoes and whatever your fridge offers… add herbs & spices like bay leave, some juniper  berries, oregano, basil, some mint and – if you also like it hot,  like me – some fresh chili!
minestronedeglaze with yummy red wine and some veggie stock, add salt and let it cook for a little while (not too long, so veggies don’t get too soft)
finally add some freshly grated parmeggiano, some basil – serve with crusty bread – buon appetito!


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