jerusalem artichoke soup. a cosy recovery soup.


after a great fun night out today’s task is just to recover and relax. nothing to do, nobody to meet, just me and my love chillaxing all day long and trying to recover from last night 😉 after some hours on the balcony and a nice little nappie my food senses reawaken, too.. so why not make a nice soup for a cosy night at home? perfect for recovering and giving some energy back to our tired bodies. and it’s quick to do it!

on thursday i got some nice jerusalem artichoke from the veggie man. (at home we call it topinambur). it’s very tasty, has a fine special flavour and makes a great soup:
300g jerusalem artichokes
100g potatoes
onion, garlic
fresh parsley, celery greens
veggie stock, white wine, some milk/cream cheese

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