straight from vegetarian heaven.


.. this is how my beloved friend e described yesterday night’s dinner in our big guest book. how sweet is that??? full of funny stories and self drawn pictures, this book with its  little notes, mostly taken at a very late stage of the evening, got a true companion over the last two years in vienna and now in malta.. we should reallyget it out more often..

anyways, to be honest. i love vegetarian food a lot, so it was not a problem, but more a pleasure to cook a vegetarian menu for our dear guests… also, the dishes were all very easy and quick to prepare, this is just how i like it most: relaxed, unpretentious cooking, 2h of preperation time without a hurry and still some time to enjoy it!
especially now, as the nights get longer and it gets dark earlier, i like to cook and invite friends over even more than in summer.. always with me on the kitchen desk: my little red cook book with all my recipes (my mum gave it to me ages ago for christmas), i little nibble (a hungry cook is a bad cook!) and a glass of wine (well, just because i like it!).. how shouldn’t this bring you in a great mood!??!

as a starter i made my jerusalem artichoke soup (wrote about it last week) and as a main i made an asian red lentil curry with couscous with tons of fresh veggies and spices. for desert we had our all time favourite: crumble with pumbs and lemon mascarpone cream.

check out more details in the mouse over text when you move your mouse over the image!


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