finally an UP again. with yoga, sushi & a stir fry.


i didn’t have such a great time lately.. somehow grumpy, moody and easily nerved i didn’t really know what’s going on.. but, as always – there’s no up without a down and today, on day 10, the UP came back! thanks to you lovely people enriching my day…  for neverending love and affection, for a lovely afternoon lunch on a terrace which is making me jealous, for a energising and relaxing yoga lesson at one of my favourite yoga studios yogaintentions and finally a cosy chilled out dinner after class.

gochi-seaweed-saladwhich brings me to another of culinary favourites in malta, which i love to share with you: GOCHI

gochi is a cute littel japanese place which serves fresh and very yummy sushi. they have a comfortable lounge where you can sit on nice cushions or sofas which i rather prefer to the normal chair and table setting as it’s very laid back. they have lovely soups (noodle and miso) and a super fresh and healthy sweewead salad which i love (see photo on the left).

staff is very friendly and on wednesdays i like it best as there’s always live music. just perfect after a nice yoga class!

but now back to my own cooking!
in addition to the stir fry of last weekend i wanted to show you another variantion of stir fry: this time with chicken and spinach, served with fried egg rice.

as you can see there are millions of possibilities what to use for it.  you can also have it with egg noodels, or use indian spices and eat it with naan bread… whatever you feel like – try it out and give yourself a treat!
and finally, together with some yoga, lovely people and maybe some sushi, your down will hopefully get an UP again, too 😉

get more details on the dishes by moving the mouse over the regarding photo!



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