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This is it! I’m now officially a certified Holistic Health Coach for Integrative Nutrition


It’s graduation time for me and my fellow students at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition! 
An amazing year comes to an end and I’ve gained so much more than just more knowledge about nutrition 🙂 Want to find out what a Holistic Health Coach really does and what my main learnings were during that year? Check out this vlog and please reach out to me if you have any questions!

I am just starting with vlogs so if you like it, give me a thumbs up or leave me some feedback and you’ll brighten up my day ☀️☀️☀️
Love, sunshine & healthy food 🌱

Nadine xx

P.S. If it got you inspired or you’d like to find out more about my Holistic Health Coaching services – shoot me a PM! Otherwise just enjoy the video and let me know how you like it. Again, your feedback means the world to me ❤


A hidden bakery gem in Sliema, Malta


i’m outing myself. i’m very much in love. with dark bread of every kind. big loaves of sourdough, little crusty ones, crispy south tyrolean ‘schüttelbrot‘, i just can’t get enough of it.. since in malta i started making my own and furthermore all our friends and family who visit us in malta have to bring us a loaf or two of dark bread (next to elderberry syrup to make my hugos), so i don’t get totally crazy without it. like most southern countries, malta doesn’t really have any proper dark bread BUT…

… check this out, it’s not that bad either 🙂 i found this in a tiny little bakery, hidden in the narrowest alleys of sliema, one of the main hubs in malta.  i promise you: just the smell in this bakery makes you fly…. i tried out some maltese bfast delights, all white but every now and then we feel like something naughty too and that’s ok! ever heard about the 80 -20% rule? i’m a strong believer in it! so pick your little (occasional) treat, eat it with some butter and home made jam & some nice morning coffee! hmmmm.. delicious! 

how to find it?
go to sliema ferries where the ferry leaves to valletta. go to the opposite of the road where you will see a black cosmetics shop called inglott. walk there and turn right up a street called st. piju V. walk up and then turn at the first on the left. there is not even a sign outside but the smell will guide you 🙂

maltese good morning pleasures

so as always i try to make the most out of what you get wherever you are 😀

thanks for reading!
love & sunshine,